Siloam Retreat
Siloam Retreat

What We Offer

A Place of Retreat

‘Come apart and rest awhile’ (Mark 6:31)

Retreats may serve many purposes. Primarily a retreat at Siloam is an invitation for spiritual refreshment, prayer and discernment. It can be a time of personal encounter and revelation.  It can also provide a place of sanctuary for those need a quiet break, who may be weary and stressed, or need a time of healing and recovery.

Days of Reflection

DAYS OF REFLECTION for individuals or small groups up to 12 people.  These include facilitation and periods of silent reflection that are an integral part of any group retreat day at Siloam.  Current or upcoming days are advertised on the News page.

We are open to small groups approaching us to facilitate a day of reflection for them.

Spiritual Direction

Spiritual Direction provides a space to look at what is happening in your life, what nourishes and sustains your spirit, discerns life-giving directions, acknowledges your own desires and longings, and explores your relationship with God, and ‘the Sacred’ in life, however named and experienced by you.

Hermitage Accommodation Experience

HERMITAGE ACCOMMODATION for one person is available in a small self-contained, one-bedroom stand alone building with a covered deck set slightly apart in a quiet, treed area of the grounds with extensive views across the Atherton Tableland.


A LABYRINTH (20m diameter) based on the medieval Chartres Cathedral design is a permanent feature in the grounds of Siloam Retreat.

Art Studio

An ART STUDIO is available for use by people who come on retreat or days of reflection and wish to use visual processes as part of their time at Siloam. Some art equipment is available.

For further information and costing please contact Siloam.