Siloam Retreat
Siloam Retreat



Retreats at Siloam are conducted in an atmosphere conducive to quiet contemplation and silence.  Those who come are responding to some inner desire to come apart for a while, and have space to relax and enter into a time for personal reflection /meditation / prayer.  The Hermitage experience is designed especially to support such a time.

OPTIONS   People have an opportunity to choose what will best facilitate their own retreat experience.

Length of stay at the Hermitage:  A single day retreat, one or two nights during the week or over a weekend, or longer retreats up to eight days, for one person are possible. However, we recommend a minimum of two nights. This allows time to unwind and settle in after arrival, a full day and evening for quiet, relaxed and reflective time before reorienting to leave anytime on the third day.

Types of Retreats:

  • Directed/Accompanied or Self-Directed retreats: We meet with the person on arrival to clarify what they are seeking during their time at Siloam, how this might be supported and to give them practical information about their stay.
  • Guided Retreats: If requested, a silent retreat can be facilitated with the retreat director around a particular theme or topic e.g. from scripture or other spiritual sources.

Ongoing spiritual direction during a retreat is optional.  However we would encourage anyone who has not had experience of being in a time of silent retreat to have some accompaniment during the time here.

  • 6-8 Day Directed Retreats:  These are retreats with regular accompaniment.

Retreats are self-catered:  The Hermitage is self-contained. Further information can be provided on request.  A catering form for breakfast food and information as to what is available in the Hermitage pantry is sent prior to arrival. For anyone travelling from afar, we can assist with shopping and transport as needed.

Costing for retreats is available on enquiry.


Anyone who is on retreat at Siloam also has access to a spirituality and wellbeing library, an art studio and a large permanent labyrinth based on the medieval Chartres Cathedral design and set into the Siloam grounds.  There are also extensive country walks available in the neighbourhood.